Our children are encouraged to be creative and therefore every opportunity is taken to develop their confidence, knowledge, self-esteem and life skills through technology, physical education and the creative and performing arts.
Our teaching and learning environment enables our children to fit into any board or curriculum, as we prepare them beyond the expectations of a single board or curriculum.
The Curriculum — Early Years Foundation Stage

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships; self confidence and self awareness; managing feelings and behavior.

Physical Development

Moving and handling; health and self care;

Communication and Language

Listening and attention; understanding; speaking


Reading and Writing


Numbers; shapes, space and measure

Understanding the World

People and communities; the world; technology

Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using art materials; being imaginative

At Vidya Vikas School, we place great emphasis upon communication and personal, social and emotional development as these underpin everything else that is taught. Our staff support children well and offer high levels of care so that children feel safe, grow in confidence and are happy. They encourage children to share, to take turns for various responsibilities like assisting teacher in laying out play materials, arranging them back in the cupboards, monitoring lines while going to play and to behave well. Children clearly enjoy their learning.
Children of all ages in school, experience a varying degree of transition work each year. Our foundation year classes cater for different sized year groups; this means that some children are taught in mixed age classes. This helps to engage students who maybe able to learn faster than the others.


Assessments of children’s skills and abilities are carried out on entry, during and when they leave the KG class. This information is used by staff to plan appropriate work and enable children to have access to a variety of activities. Children are assessed against the Early Years Goals set by international standards that promote creative learning and holistic development of the child.