Play Time

Play Time

We have a good sized playground with play equipment and games markings. Basketball court, volleyball courts, shuttle badminton courts, football ground, cricket ground, athletics tracks make up for our outdoor sports facilities. Table-tennis, Karate, Yoga and Chess facilities are available inside the school building. We also have a large school field where mass PE sessions are conducted for the entire school.

Kindergarten and Lower Primary children have their own additional outside play and learning area which they have full time access to.

Yoga and Karate is integrated in the timetable and all our children learn Yoga and meditation from a very young age.

Karate as a form of self defense is taught to all our students. Those willing to appear for the Karate exams are coached at the school by our in-house Karate trainer.

Riding Club: The horse riding school at the campus trains students to competitive levels in both national and international events by internationally acclaimed trainers. This facility is available to our school students at a concessional rate.

Activity Centre: An activity centre, equipped with learning based play material to make learning effective is available to the lower Primary students. The centre is also equipped with Audio visual facilities to make learning a visual and fun experience. The centre is also centre for phonetics and reading where children are taught pronunciation and reading skills.