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Reporting to Parents

Teachers, parents and children meet every term to discuss children’s individual medium term targets and progress towards their end of year targets.

At the end of the academic year parents receive a written report summarizing their child’s achievements for the year and indicating areas for further progress in the next year.


At Vidya Vikas School we believe that homework is an essential part of children’s learning. Although we fully recognize the need for rest and the importance of developing outside interests, we also acknowledge that homework can play an active part in developing the knowledge and skills of our children and keeping the learning connectivity while at home.

Keeping Parents Informed

Parents are kept informed of news and school events through the School calendar/diary. Parents will also receive letters about extra curricular clubs, class trips, and Parent Teacher meetings via the same system.

We have a texting system for contacting parents which we hope you will find useful. We use this system for example, if there is a holiday declared, a program scheduled, change in school bus timings or reminders about fee payments etc. Parents who do not receive the messages are requested to update their phone numbers with the school office.

The Parent Teacher Relationships

Parents are encouraged to help in school in an area that they feel comfortable with. Parent support is always valued for open Day preparations, Annual Day planning and choreography, carnivals and trips.

Parents are also invited to address students on their profession as part of the career orientation programs.